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The premier place in Atlanta for STRETCH Therapy!

stretch (streCH) :  the act of stretching one's limbs or body to increase flexibility

ki·net·ics (kəˈnediks) : the study of human biomechanical movement

STRETCH Kinetics : flexibility in motion

STRETCH Kinetics is an innovative wellness studio in Atlanta where custom one-on-one treatment is paramount. We believe that individualized care is vital for quality therapy in fact, we believe it hinges on it.  For that reason our therapists evaluate each client and customize the STRETCH for their specific needs; NO generic STRETCHING here!  We utilize STRETCH Therapy, Pilates and Massage Therapy techniques to help our clients improve and maintain their quality of life.  All treatments are provided in a nurturing environment where overall health and wellness is the focus.  

At SK the client is always the focus.  We set a high standard of care by offering individualized treatment with only experienced, licensed professionals.  

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