How STRETCH Kinetics impacts lives

I first started going to Erin Policelli at STRETCH Kinetics about 5 years ago, and more recently Chris Manella, to get greater movement and flexibility into my golf game. Well, I am now hitting the ball much farther, with the added benefit of eliminating pain in my knees. I’ve told my friends about their wellness skills and encourage you to schedule a session. There is no better place in Atlanta for STRETCHING!
— Dave Peterson, Chairman Emeritus North Highland Worldwide Consulting
I’ve been seeing Erin at STRETCH Kinetics since 2012. She is terrific. She understood my issues and, through a program of STRETCH Therapy and personalized strengthening, helped improve my flexibility and eliminate my pain. I am now playing golf pain free.
— John Glover, Office of Secretary Emory University
I have been seeing Erin since 2007. She is like a magician! She can always figure out the best way to make my aches and pains subside. Erin’s background as a Nurse and Physical Therapist, along with her continuing education in Fascial Stretch Therapy make an unbeatable combination.
— Lila Hertz
STRETCH Kinetics is an energetic company and with no hesitation I highly recommend Erin and her team!

STRETCHING is what you get accomplished, I have referred so many friends and golfers. Everyone always thanks me...They are that good! Its the best STRETCH in Atlanta!
— Chris Morea
Erin at STRETCH Kinetics has been working with me for almost 10 years, including both before and after I had 2 cervical fusions. I trust her implicitly for regular maintenance and when I have more specific pain. She truly is a miracle worker in both scenarios. Because of her, I am able continue daily cardio as well as pilates three times per week without pain or injury. Thank you Erin and STRETCH Kinetics in Atlanta!
— Jill Kampfe
I first saw Erin at STRETCH Kinetics 3 years ago with a strained hamstring from running and continued to see her after knee surgery, back pain and other gereral ailments from my various physical activities. As I have grown older and remained physically active, I found that my body needs more attention that it did 20 years ago. Erin’s formal training as a Nurse, Physical Therapist and STRETCH Therapist, sets her apart from any other professionals I have met. She has been able to diagnose and treat most of my exercise related problems and when necessary, recommend other healthcare professionals, including medical doctors or other therapists. She has also worked with me to maintian my flexibility and specific muscle strength with stretches and exercises that I can do at home. I now see Erin weekly to maintain flexibility, minimize injuries and advise/modify my home stretching routine. I would highly recommend Erin and STRETCH Kinetics in Atlanta to anyone who wants to stay physically active at any age!
— Frank Boykin, Chief Financial Officer Mohawk Industries Inc
There is no better STRETCH therapist than Erin. You first go to her with a specific problem and soon learn that flexibility could be more important than any other physical regimen. The groin injury that I somehow sustained during my many travels was quickly resolved and she showed me other flexibility issues that I was completely unaware of. After a year of regular sessions, traveling is not the physical toil it used to be. No more waking up tight. No more back spasms in the middle of a 12 hour flight. Regular sessions of STRETCH therapy will change your life. STRETCH Kinetics is the place in Atlanta to get STRETCHED!
— Ed Juline