How STRETCH Kinetics impacts lives

I first started going to Dr. Erin Policelli, DPT at STRETCH Kinetics in 2011, & then Chris Manella, PT, LMT, to get greater movement & flexibility into my golf game. Well, I am now hitting the ball much farther, with the added benefit of eliminating pain in my knees. I’ve told my friends about their wellness skills & encourage you to schedule a session. There is no better place in Atlanta for STRETCH Therapy!
— Dave Peterson, Chairman Emeritus North Highland Worldwide Consulting
I’ve been seeing Dr. Erin at STRETCH Kinetics since 2012. She is terrific. She understood my issues &, through a program of STRETCH Therapy & personalized strengthening & Mobility, helped improve my flexibility & eliminate my pain. I am now playing golf pain free.
— John Glover, Office of Secretary Emory University
I have been seeing Dr. Erin since 2007. She is like a magician! She can always figure out the best way to make my aches & pains subside. Dr. Erin’s background as a Nurse & Physical Therapist, along with her continuing education in STRETCH, Manual & Mobility Therapy make an unbeatable combination.
— Lila Hertz
STRETCH Kinetics is an energetic company & with no hesitation I highly recommend Dr. Erin & her team!

STRETCHING is what you get accomplished, I have referred so many friends & golfers. Everyone always thanks me...They are that good! Its the best STRETCH in Atlanta!
— Chris Morea
Dr. Erin at Atlanta’s STRETCH Kinetics has been working with me since 2009, including both before & after I had 2 cervical fusions. I trust her implicitly for regular maintenance & when I have more specific pain. She truly is a miracle worker in both scenarios. Because of her, I am able continue daily cardio as well as pilates three times per week without pain or injury. Thank you Dr. Erin and STRETCH Kinetics!
— Jill Kampfe
I first saw Dr. Erin at Atlanta’s STRETCH Kinetics in 2014 with a strained hamstring from running & continued to see her after knee surgery, back pain & other gereral ailments from my various physical activities. As I have grown older & remained physically active, I found that my body needs more attention that it did 20 years ago. Dr. Erin’s formal training as a Nurse, Physical Therapist and STRETCH Therapist, sets her apart from any other professionals I have met. She has been able to diagnose & treat most of my exercise related problems & when necessary, recommend other healthcare professionals, including medical doctors or other therapists. She has also worked with me to maintian my flexibility, mobility & specific muscle strength with stretches & exercises that I can do at home. I now see Dr. Erin weekly to maintain flexibility, mobility, minimize injuries & advise/modify my home stretching routine. I would highly recommend Dr. Erin & STRETCH Kinetics in Atlanta to anyone who wants to stay physically active at any age!
— Frank Boykin, Chief Financial Officer Mohawk Industries Inc
There is no better STRETCH therapist than Dr. Erin. You first go to her with a specific problem & soon learn that flexibility could be more important than any other physical regimen. The groin injury that I somehow sustained during my many travels was quickly resolved & she showed me other flexibility issues that I was completely unaware of. After a year of regular sessions, traveling is not the physical toil it used to be. No more waking up tight. No more back spasms in the middle of a 12 hour flight. Regular sessions of STRETCH therapy will change your life. STRETCH Kinetics is THE Stretch Studio in Atlanta to get STRETCHED!
— Ed Juline
“Results - Passion - Professionalism!!!!
A true find in Atlanta (or anywhere for that matter). Integrated & thoughtful approach that gives visible/ tangible improvements in a very short time. Integral part of workout week!
The STRETCH Therapists are talented, creative & great professionals; always finding that one or two spots that make all the difference. Could not recommend STRETCH Kinetics more highly!”
— Susanna Freer Epstein
Best STRETCH Studio in Atlanta. After my first couple of sessions I was performing better in the weight room & on the court. Thanks to Erin, I’m a lot more flexible than I was a week ago. A lot of passion in what she does.
— Markel Humphrey